Happy Park Activities on Science-themed Children's Day

--Science Fair & Park Activities of Junior High School of the International Division

On the afternoon of May 30, Grades 6 to 8 of the International Division held the yearly Science Fair. Following that, each class organized the innovative park activities to celebrate the Children’s Day. That day, the park was crowded with students of all classes of the International Division in a joyful atmosphere.

Science Fair

After lunch, the Science Fair was held in a small restaurant, and it was very lively. In order to distinguish the grades, the exhibition boards from Grades 6 to 8 were red, green and blue respectively. The contents were creative, and exhibition board design was unique. What’s more awesome was the subject members’ introduction to the subject creativity and conclusion.

Students from 6C came up with a fantasy whether plant growth was affected by music and later they proved it a fact with experiments.  Moreover, in order to show the difference in taste between organic and non-organic food, students presented their hand-made cakes for taste trails and analysis to the best of their ability.

Students from 7B also did a few ingenious experiments.  Some made researches on the ring finger length’s influence on shooting.  Some focused on daily subjects – what materials would affect WIFI.  Some re-deduced Newton’s law of universal gravitation through the fall of an apple.  And others made observations on the changes of oral temperature after eating different foods.

Students from 8C displayed strong inquiry ability with their subject. Some were about the heat energy analysis from life observation. They used the bar graph and three different colors to demonstrate the heat-absorption capacity of different colors. Some conducted an experiment to explore how to transform the two-dimensional images into three-dimensional images to help doctors with diagnosis and treatment, which was of great immediate significance.  They used the more intuitive and clear coronary heart disease image as the research subject. The whole experiment process was after careful calculation and observation and used the GE AW workstation for modeling.

From the exhibition boards and students’ introduction, one learned a lot of extracurricular knowledge from the subject research. What’s more, the Science Fair not only reflected students’ ability of discovering subjects in life but also their exploring spirit.

Park activities

Following the Science Fair was the anticipated park activity. Each class set up different barriers. Only those who passed the barriers could get the class seals and only with enough seals could they participate in lottery draw and exchange gifts.

Most barriers were original games while some involved popular elements. A few students wore cosplay costumes on the scene, which delivered a different feeling to the Children’s Day.

Students from 6A played the game of the fun Musical Chairs.  6B’s game was wrist wrestling or geographic puzzle which tested strength and wisdom while 6C’s was the simulated treasure hunt in a secret room.

7A’s game was picking up beans and runaround, 7B’s the easy and interesting authentic Millionaire, and 7C’s Blowing Ping-Pong Balls.

8A added the design of web popular songs. 8B’s game was Cross Fire, which required students to cross the fire without ringing bells and it was very popular among students. 8C’s Frogs Eating Beans was also innovative. The Junior High International Class played the undercover game.

Scientific exhibitions and creative park activities have left a happy and unforgettable memory of the Children’s Day on students.

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