Our students win gold medal at 50th IPhO

On July 14, good news came from Tel Aviv, Israel that the Chinese team won the first place of the total team score and all the five students from our school including GONG Xiaoxun won gold medals at the 50th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2019! This is the 27th gold medal that students of No.2 High School of ECNU have won at International Olympiads.

GONG Xiaoxun didn’t show any preference to science when he was a child and he had not received systematic competitive training before high school.  However, he soon managed to demonstrate amazing progress thanks to his solid comprehensive quality and good learning habits and won championship at International Olympiads through perseverance and great efforts.  Teachers, students and parents have made common comments on him that he may not be the most gifted but he is definitely the most disciplined, the most hard-working and the one with the most fighting spirit.

Thanks to his excellent performances in Physics competitions, GONG Xiaoxun was admitted into School of Physics, Peking University ahead of time. During the summer holidays, he planned to preview university courses and give lectures on Physics competitions to junior schoolmates for two weeks, following the tradition of No.2 High School. He also said, “Two years ago, it was the lectures by senior schoolmates that boosted my morale. Now I hope to pass on the gold medal spirit”.

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