Education colleagues from “Belt and Road” countries visit our school

Recently, colleagues in the field of education from “2019 Gambia education policy and practice seminar” and “2019 seminar of education managers from the ‘Belt and Road’ countries” visited our school one after another for exchange.

Our school leaders introduced about the school basic situation and school-running achievements and discussed with them about the education development direction and international exchange situation of China and of the “Belt and Road” countries. Afterwards, the seminar parties visited our school science innovation lab, libraries and computer rooms and then visited the Qiantan School of No.2 High School of East China Normal University. They highly praised our completed teaching facilities and advanced educational concepts.


The two research projects were hosted by the International Center of Teacher Education of East China Normal University, with students from 13 countries – Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Cuba, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Mauritius, Pakistan, South Africa, Vanuatu and Gambia.

Through a series of academic lectures, cultural experience activities and educational and cultural study, students held discussions under the themes of standards of middle school principals, teachers’ professional development, informatization teaching, education policy and education cooperation between China and Africa, which provided an important platform for experience sharing and exchanges for education managers from the “Belt and Road” countries. Mutual exchanges of experience and needed goods among scholars from different countries are bound to promote multiple parties to discuss and solve problems in educational management and development.

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