Results of ID LOGO Design Contest

After two months of collection, selection, public votes, the results of LOGO design contest for the 20th anniversary of the International Division (ID) were declared. WANG Jiasheng from 10B, author of work No.2 won the first prize of the LOGO Design Contest. Though simple, his work was symbolic of characteristics of the International Division of No.2 High School. It was also used as the LOGO in the celebration for the 20th anniversary of the International Division.


First prize:
Work No.2  Author: WANG Jiasheng from 10B

Second prize:
Work No.1  Author: LI Jiajia from 9C
Work No.4  Author: CHEN Yiwen from 12B

Third prize:
Work No.6  Author: CHENG YI from 9A; design: ZI Yan from 9A, inspiration source: DE Fuxin from 9A
Work No.8  Author: WANG Sixian from 7B
Work No.10  Author: SHAN Xinhui from 11B

Work No.3  Author: Teacher WANG Chuan
Work No.5  Author: WANG Kelei from 11A
Work No.7  Author: JI Xinyan from 9B, JI Xinyue from 9B, CHEN Qianhua from 9B
Work No.9  Author: JIANG Qianrui from 11A
Work No.11  Author: XU Aili from 11B
Work No.12  Author: GUO Yanqing from 7B
Work No.13  Author: NI Kailing from 9C

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