ID Parent-Teacher Meeting of the Semester

The International Division (ID) successfully held a Parent-teacher meeting of the semester on Nov. 20th, 2019.  It had two themed venues – Parents’ school of Grade 6 and Lecture on studying abroad and admissions to schools of a higher level for Grades 8 to 11, with focuses on Situation analysis and coping strategies after entering the school and Targeted guidance for future admissions to high schools and universities respectively.

Parents’ school of Grade 6

Director WANG Wei’s started the parents’ school of Grade 6 with a student’ composition My first month in No. 2 High School, which showcased students’ recognition, expectation and confusion for the school. Director WAGN Wei affirmed students on positive attitude, good thinking ability and courage to express different views and opinions.  She also pointed out problems in time management, self-control and code of conduct.  She suggested that parents should also be the psychological companions of children and guide them onto the path of autonomous learning and management in equal dialogue while helping them adapt to the new curriculum with Chinese culture integrated into the western.

In reaction to the universal difficulties and parents’ confusion in foreign teachers’ classes, deputy director LAI Yin introduced about ID foreign teachers’ team to parents, pointed out the possible issues encountered in foreign teachers’ classes and offered methods and suggestions on attending foreign teachers’ classes.

Guidance for admissions to junior and senior high schools

The lecturer of admissions guidance for junior and senior high schools was the teacher Brian. He obtained bachelor’s degree from Yale University and master’s degree from Stanford University.  With over 10 years of consulting experience in overseas education, he has helped many Chinese high school students enter famous American schools. He has appeared on Forbes Asia thanks to his outstanding achievements in the field of high-end education consultation.

In his lecture, Brian analyzed on the importance of standardized tests, GPA and the significance of extracurricular activities on application for studying abroad.  He also shared hotspot issues of consultation on studying abroad with parents.

Parent-teacher meeting of each class

In addition to special lectures, every class organized a Parent-teacher meeting, allowing parents to communicate with both Chinese and foreign teachers, and headmasters to make a class report. Teachers of all disciplines made full preparations for the parent-teacher meetings, which was not only substantial but also focused. The headmasters communicated with parents on school activities, class constructions and students’ performances, which helped parents gain a better understanding of school life.

Student volunteers in the International Division guaranteed on the smooth convening of the parent-teacher meetings with their enthusiastic and thoughtful services.


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