ID 20th anniversary event – Cultural Week

Our school International Division held the 20th anniversary event – Cultural Week from Dec. 2 to 6, 2019. The cultural week involved five activities – photo exhibition, drama club performance, singing contest, band performance and Karaoke competition and they were all brilliant. While demonstrating individual skills, students fully experienced the diversity of the International Division events.

Activity 1: Karaoke competition for overseas students

The 2nd Karaoke Chinese Singing Contest was held at the TV station of No.2 High School on the afternoon of Dec. 2. This was the first time for overseas students of the International Division to display their Chinese learning achievements through singing.

First, all students from Italy sang a merry song Youth. When singing Chinese songs, the happy look on their face really made the audience excited. Students from Grade 10 and junior middle school of the International Division sang the theme song Frozen in Chinese, which was lively and lovely. KANG Jian’ Heartbeat and GUO Tianxin’s Green from Grade 10 won the applause from the audience with their perfect voices.

Following the brilliant singing show of overseas students, ZHOU Yajie, a Chinese teacher from the International Division sang a calm and gentle song Wonder. The duet Those Flowers sang by the host FANG Hua and FU Zhenliang, vice director of the International Division drew a conclusion to the Karaoke competition.

Activity 2: Drama club performance

The foreign drama club demonstrated a lively and interesting pantomime at noon on Dec. 3. It was not just a simple pantomime, for it reflected the deep meaning of anti-slavery. The actors showcased their professional performance in the seven characters – a brave young man, a weird witch who doesn’t like cleaning, and her four kids with different personalities. The witch hired people to clean her house and asked people who worked for her to guess her name. Otherwise, they would not be paid. The brave young man was calm and well-targeted. Through communications with different kids of the witch, he got the information related to the witch’s name. Finally, on the seventh day, he achieved his goal. Actors vividly performed the characters and the audience was also driven by the plot.  When the performance ended, the applause from the audience lingered on and on.

Activity 3: Band live show

At 12:30 on Dec. 4, the gate of the concert hall was opened again. What welcomed everyone was the band live show!

The band Name and the club Harmony had a joint performance that day. The band Name was from the Overseas Class B Grade 10, including members Remsen, Brian, Kitty, Michelle, Masa, Trevor, Suki, Eric and David. They brought the audience three songs – Incomparable Beauty, Love Confession, and Won’t Cry.

The club Harmony was led by Mr. Haze. Under his guidance, the band performed songs with cello, violin, piano, flute, and Sachs wonderfully.

Activity 4: Singing contest

The singing contest in December every year is one of the most anticipated activities of the International Division students. The singing contest this time lived up to the audience’s expectation and it was a great success.

On the afternoon of Dec. 5, the International Division saw the finals of the singing contest in the concert hall. Students of the International Division gathered in the hall to enjoy the feast for the ears. With the junior school team vs. the senior school team, the finals awarded the first, second and third prizes.

Activity 5: Photo exhibition

The cultural week My Story with No.2 High School Photo Exhibition was organized by the new club of the semester – Microfilm Club. On the morning of Dec. 9, students saw a different corridor – numbers of beautiful photographic works spiraled up along the corridor of time. Upon the 20th anniversary of the International Division, students told stories between themselves and No.2 High School by the language of the lens.

The photos recorded beautiful moments on campus as well as beautiful memories of the photographers, which represented their love for the campus. Behind each photo were words from the authors. “The clouds are low, and the sunset diffuses through the gap of clouds, just like the trivial things of everyday life,” a student wrote, after recording a day in No. 2 High School with a camera.

Time passes by in a blink year after year. Although we cannot stop time, these photos can keep those beautiful memories. “Her red color warms our hearts in the cold winter,” another student sighed, when he captured a picture of the shining sun.

My Story with No.2 High School recorded life of a student in No. 2 High School. Photographic works spiraled up the staircase wall, telling the daily story of the International Division.

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