Egg-drop Contest Final

On the afternoon of December 11, 2019, the final organized by three foreign science teachers Bryan, Jeff, Cayley were held in the west section of the International Division building.

A month ago, the preliminary contest was held in each class from Grades 6 to 8. All students got the specified materials and eggs. Within the set time, the “armed” eggs were thrown from a certain height by participating students. If the eggs were not broken, the height would gradually increase until a group of students won.

The winning groups would participate in the final. The materials in the final were more varied, but the group had to “buy” the materials with the virtual currency given by the teacher. If there was a tie, the group which used less virtual currency would win. Besides, the armed egg must be picked up in one minute. The final two teams reached the height of five-floor, and the group from 8C won the contest as they used less virtual currency (15) than the group from 6B.

The winning group used protected materials – paper cups, several cotton balls, some straws, adhesive tapes, lines and plastic cloth. The group members made parachutes with plastic and lines and stuffed cotton balls into paper cups with straws glued around. Relying on the supporting force from the air and cotton balls, the protected egged were not broken after being dropped from the fifth floor. Finally, they and their class won the Pizza Party award.

The lively and interesting scientific experiment not only opened students’ mind, helped them look for solutions, trained their operational ability and teamwork ability but also aroused their interest in science and trained their innovative thinking.

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