ID Christmas Art Show

The 20th anniversary celebration of the International Division (ID) and the Christmas Art Show were held on the same day – December 24, 2019! It was the most important day for the International Division and the most anticipated day for students of the International Division!

On the ground floor of the International Division building, the ornaments of Christmas were made simultaneously with the decoration for the 20th anniversary celebration. Every class was filled with the strong atmosphere of Christmas – decorating Christmas trees, posting paper cuts, hanging Christmas flags and lights and drawing the special Christmas blackboard newspaper.

The International Division prepared celebration gifts, Christmas gifts, special lucky draw as well as delicious Christmas lunch for each student. The lucky draw this year determined lucky people by the combination of color balls and numbers. Every student looked forward to winning the super grand prize.

Brilliant art show

Following the 20th anniversary celebration of the International Division, the Christmas art show began. The art show including dance, chorus, song series, band performance and stage play never stopped surprising us.

After the opening dance performed by Class A Grade 10, it was the multi-lingual chorus by the Overseas Class B Grade 11. They performed the characters and plots of Moana in Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese. Everything was carefully made from the clothing to ‘the wave’.

The ensemble Ode To Joy performed by the band of the International Division enhanced the Christmas atmosphere. The stage play Dalabengba by 7C was very interesting and made people laugh. The dance series Coincidence by Grade 9 mixed the Internet popular elements together, wining tides of applause. Overseas Class A Grade 11 performed Christmas ball room dance, in which gentle boys and elegant girls danced beautifully to the melodious music. In the end, director WANG Wei was invited onto the stage to perform the final chapter with students perfectly.

Class teacher CHEN Xiafan of the International Class Grade 10 and the Italian students expressed their Christmas wishes in the form of songs.

The last program was a “secret”. All teachers and students looked forward to it. It turned out to be a success. The Christmas videos and performances created by the foreign teacher team amazed the whole audience. Foreign teachers from different countries told stories about the cold Canada, the “panic” story with the wild animals and the heart-warming American Christmas story, expressing their love for the International Division of No.2 High School. The Christmas was also warm and unforgettable for foreign teachers.

Let’s wait for the memorable Christmas and the innovative art show next year!

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