Our School Becomes Base of PKU Mathematics Reserve Talents Training

On January 8, 2020, a grand signing and awarding ceremony of Peking University Mathematics Reserve Talents Training Base was held at the International Mathematics Center of Peking University. Mathematics experts including Academician TIAN Gang of the Beijing International Mathematical Research Center, director of the School of Mathematics of Peking University CHEN Dayue, associate director SHI Yuguang, and deputy secretary SUN Zhaojun, relevant leaders of Peking University Admissions Office and Science Research Department and principals or representatives from 23 key middle schools across the country signed a collaboration agreement on “Peking University Mathematical Reserve Talent Training Base” and awarded the license.

Our school has become one of the first 23 base schools of the ” Peking University Mathematical Reserve Talent Training Base” in the country. Our school Vice Principal SHI Hongliang participated in the discussion and put forward many constructive opinions on the base construction. After launching the construction, the School of Mathematics of Peking University will send experts to guide our school’s Mathematics curriculum construction and train Mathematics teachers, especially to strengthen the connection and follow-up cultivation of students with talents and potentials in Mathematics. This is Peking University’s full recognition of our school’s top talent training in Mathematics, and it also helps our school to further adhere to the education of science characteristics and train more talents in Mathematics and science. Our school will make full use of this platform and work together with the School of Mathematics of Peking University to encourage more students to participate in basic Mathematics research and cultivate the soil for the construction of a strong country in Mathematics.

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