Our students achieve good results in British National Physics Olympiad

Winners of the British National Physics Olympiad were announced on November 16, 2019. Our school students Yang Yingrui from Senior Grade One, Ji Junyi from Senior Grade Two, and Wang Xuanqi from Senior Grade Three of the International Course Class won the gold medal, and Zhang Yiyang from Senior Grade Two of the International Course Class won the silver medal.

Initiated in 1978, the British National Physics Olympiad began to officially select national teams for Britain to participate in international Physics competitions in 1983. The Organization Committee of the British Physics Olympiad is mainly composed of the University of Oxford, the Institute of Physics, and Odgen Foundation, and the office is set at the Department of Physics of the University of Oxford. The British Physics Olympiad attaches great importance to the flexible application of Physics knowledge and the display of thinking logic. All examination questions are proof questions and when they are answered, the process of proving must be displayed. Students are required to use their knowledge of Physics to help complete challenges, which involve a wide range of knowledge points.

Our school would like to extend warm congratulations to the student winners, their coach Ye Beiyu and our school Physics teaching and research team!

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