Our students achieve well at HiMCM

In November 2019, our school students participated in HiMCM and made good achievements. Team 9548 of International Course Grade 10 including YANG Yingrui, HE Xuerui, LI Jianing and LU Junwei won the grand award and Team 9667 of Grade 11 including ZHOU Xuanhan, CHEN Siyuan, ZHUO Yongqi and CHENG Yanbin won the first prize.

HiMCM requires excellent mathematical skills, good programming capabilities, logic thinking and writing skills in students, which is highly challenging to their comprehensive abilities. HiMCM also requires that each team have four members at most with a coaching teacher. The competition lasts 14 days. Each team must build the mathematical model from zero and demonstrate the results in the form of English papers. During the competition, students can use books, computers, network etc., but they must not discuss with people outside the team in any form.  The competition is tense and difficult, and in the past consecutive years, there were teams failing to finish the paper in time. Thus, many famous universities in the US value the achievements of mathematical modeling very much.

Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to the above students and their teachers DU Changmin and DAI Zhongyuan!

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