ID Student Union Election Successful

The election of the International Division Student Union ended successfully after going through all procedures for about a month,

One president and two vice presidents of the Union, one minister and one vice minister of each department – the culture and entertainment department, the sports department, the publicity department, the association department, the academic department and the life department were chosen out of the 15 candidates of the presidium, through class nomination and reporting, personal posters and production of promotional videos, interviews, TV speeches and ballots.

Due to COVID -19 pandemic, some students were still outside China and they could not show up in the election. So, online registration, interviews and overseas voting were also done, with many factors taken into consideration. To prevent large-scale gathering, students watched the live broadcast of the election speeches, and the election process went on without any problem.

Three members of the presidium were finally elected to be President Hu Yingying, Vice Presidents An Zhiyun and Chen Xueyin, according to the results of the ballots, interviews and opinions of all parties. At the same time, one minister and one vice minister of each department were appointed according to the performance of the election speech, nomination of the former Minister of the student union, school interviews and votes. The notice period was one week from the election day.

The election of ID Student Union in the 2020 school year was completed successfully and the newly elected members would soon take over jobs and carry out various work in order.

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