ID “Cloud Artists” Events

Students did not return to school until the middle of May this term due to the epidemic. In the previous online teaching period, the International Division (ID) carried out a series of events about Cloud Artists to enrich students’ after-class life.

Events were divided into three sections – Cloud Photographers, Cloud Musicians, and Cloud Living Experts Vlog. Based on the creativity and originality of students’ works, the following winners were selected.

Cloud Photographers

Best Creative Award: 28 by Deng Jiawei from 7C

Best Theme Expression Award: Rain by Chen Hehua from 9C

Light and Shadow by Hu Yingying from 11B

Cloud Musicians

Cloud Living Experts Vlog

+ More

Our school hereby would like to extend congratulations to the above winners!

The events about Cloud Artists, in the form of cloud sharing, communicated the feelings of students “far in the cloud”, narrowed the distance between each other, and enriched everyone’s after-class life throughout the online class period.  It also tapped out the infinite creativity in the students.

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