NOI Players from Our School Win Outstanding Results Again in CSP and NOIP 2020

NOIP 2020 came to an end recently and after Zuo Junchi and Zhang Bowei won gold medals in NOI final and were selected into the national team, our school students achieved great results once again. In the Advanced CSP-S and NOIP, our school has won two first places, namely, the first place of Shanghai Regional in the total number of first-prize winners and the first place in individual performances.

In the CSP-S held on Nov. 7, 29 students, with 24 from Zhangjiang Campus and 5 from Zizhu Campus of our school, No.2 High School of East China Normal University won the first prize, 2 students – 1 from Zhangjiang Campus and 1 from Zizhu Campus the second prize and 7 students – 3 from Zhangjiang Campus and 4 from Zizhu Campu the third prize. Zhang Bowei from Grade 12 of Zhangjiang Campus won the first place of the Shanghai Regional.

In the NOIP held on Dec. 5, 18 students – 17 from Zhangjiang Campus and 1 from Zizhu Campus won the first prize, and 14 students – 9 from Zhangjiang Campus and 5 from Zizhu Campus the second prize. Guan Yanru and Wan Chengzhang from Grade 10 of Zhangjiang Campus as well as Zuo Junchi from Grade 12 obtained the top three in the senior high school group of the Shanghai Regional.

Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to all the prize-winning students and their coaches!

CSP-J/S is a non-professional software capability certification in the CSP (Certified Software Professional) founded by the China Computer Federation (CCF), which was first established in 2019. It is divided into the CSP-J (Junior) and CSP-S (Senior). Both CSP-S and NOIP are senior-group competitions. The number of questions and competition time have increased this year, and accordingly the difficulty of winning the game has also increased.

Attached is the list of winners for the two competitions.

NOIP (National Olympiad in Informatics Shanghai Regional)

First Prize winners – Guan Yanru, Wan Chengzhang, Zuo Junchi, Wang Youjia, Zhang Bowei, Zhang Xun, Sun Shengyao, Chen Gefei, Zhou Yichen, Zhao Penghong, LYU Siyuan, Wan Tong, Li Hangcheng, Lu Zixian, Zhu Jingyu, Yang Cheng, Hu Ruiyan, and Ma Qinwei

Second Prize winners – Cheng Tianzong, Chen Zhe, Yang Yicheng, Yang Lingyu, Qiu Chenwei, Gu Xiaoyu, Gao Yifan, Yan Zhihao, Xu Chenhao, Yang Yue, Gao Yangboyuan, Cheng Yanbin, Wu Youran, and Min Zhengjie

CSP-S (Certified Software Professional-Senior):

First Prize winners – Zhang Bowei, Yang Yicheng, Chen Gefei, Wang Youjia, Guan Yanru, Sun Shengyao, Wan Chengzhang, Zhu Jingyu, Lu Zixian, Xu Chenhao, Hu Ruiyan, Zhou Yichen, Zhao Penghong, Min Zhengjie, Gao Yifan, Chen Zhe, Yang Yue, Zhang Xun, Yan Zhihao, Wan Tong, Li Hangcheng, Gao Yangboyuan, LYU Siyuan, Ma Qinwei, Yang Cheng, Zhou Yicheng, Fu Zhengyang, Yang Lingyu, and Cheng Yanbin

Second Prize winners – Wu Youran and Cheng Tianzong

Third Prize winners – Qiu Chenwei, Huang Hongyu, Gu Xiaoyu, Chen Xiaoxian, Ge Chentong, Chen Qishen and Ning Zhiyuan

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