Continuation of Love and Dream

—— Second-hand Book Fair by Graduates from the International Division

Youth is full of parting and meeting. At the beginning of summer, high school seniors are about to finish their studies. At the time of parting, the Life Department of the Student Union of the International Division held a Second-hand Book Fair. High school seniors took out various course notes, textbooks, English – Chinese dictionaries that they had recorded through countless days and nights, and sold them to juniors at a low price.

At noon on May 28, the Second-hand Book Fair opened, which attracted juniors to buy the materials they need, especially for curve wreckers’ AP notes. After a while, the stands were crowded with students.

On May 31, the Second-hand Book Fair ended successfully with the graduation ceremony of the seniors. Although high school seniors have left the International Division and will go to different countries or cities for their wonderful future, they do not completely leave for the juniors. On the same night, when juniors look through course notes written by seniors, it is just like a dialogue and company through time and space and they feel the love and encouragement from seniors, even if they are far away.

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