See You Again! Singing Graduation Farewell Song, Moving Forward Briskly

--Graduation Ceremony of Junior High School of the International Division 2021 and School Closing Ceremony of The Semester

“Happy graduation”, “Mom loves you”, “I hope students will keep visiting each other after graduation”, “Mom and dad are glad to see you grow into a happy, healthy and outstanding teenager at No.2 High School of East China Normal University”…

To the brisk background music, the graduation blessing video carefully recorded by parents was being played on the huge screen.

Semester Review

First, FU Zhenliang, deputy director of the International Division reviewed on study and field activities of the semester with all teachers and students from the junior high school.  Students won awards in various school activities and competitions.  They also won various honors in competitions outside the school. And those who devoted their love to voluntary services and participated in social assistance were commended in the ceremony. Those who won certificates of merit and medals one after another, and those who made countless struggles and efforts gained warm applause from the student audience.  The semester was short yet fruitful with subject competitions, quality development and social service.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony was hosted by WANG Wei, Director of the International Division. School Principal LI Zhicong, Party Secretary YUAN Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee ZHANG Huarui, Deputy Directors of the International Division LAI Yin, and FU Zhenliang attended the ceremony. The on-site guests included teachers of the graduation class and parents of the graduates.


Words from Principal, Parents and Class Teacher

School Principal LI Zhicong said gratifiedly that 51 students from 17 countries and regions had studied together in Hua Er International Division for four years and gained a lot, and he hoped that the students would create their own happy life in the process of making academic achievements, caring for the world and serving the society.

Parent representatives sent their wishes to the graduates through the screen, where they congratulated them on successfully completing the four years’ study at junior high school, obtaining knowledge, ability and friendship. They also thanked teachers and the school for cultivation and encouragement.

WANG Jun, class teacher of the International Class of junior high school made a farewell speech in three languages. YAN Li, class teacher of 9B hoped that graduates would have self-esteem and move forward with gratitude and hope. HU Tingting, class teacher of 9A blessed the graduates with full reluctance, recalling from the first meeting to today’s departure.

School Song & Graduation Farewell Song

Two songs impressed everyone deeply throughout the graduation ceremony. One was the school song, in which the lyrics of “pursuing excellence, braving the wind and waves” made students feel like going back to the time when they just entered the school.

The other was the graduation farewell song See you again. Written by graduates themselves, it echoed in the whole concert hall with piano accompaniment. The lyrics and voices were full of longing for the four years junior high school and nostalgia for school life.

Award & Certificate & Group Photo

Best Graduate Awards were presented at the graduation ceremony to the following students evaluated by the school.  They were CHEN Jiayi, ZHANG Yaqiao, WANG Weihan, JIN Mincheng and LIANG Xinning from the junior high school of the International Division.

Next was the most anticipated moment for graduates.  They went onto the stage and received graduation certificate presented by the School Principal Mr. Li, who shook hands with them one by one and finally they took group photos together as a souvenir. After the ceremony, the graduates took group photos with teachers, classmates and parents freely, freezing the warm and unforgettable moment.

Some junior high school graduates will stay on Hua Er campus for senior high school education and others will go to other schools around the world for further study. They will all start a new journey upon graduation from junior high school, and the International Division hopes that the year-2021 junior high school graduates will continue “pursuing excellence and braving the winds and waves” and the International Division is looking forward to “seeing you again”!

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