International Division School Opening Ceremony of 1st Semester 2021

On September 6, 2021, vibrant students from the International Division of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University gathered at the school hall to welcome the beginning of the first semester of the 2021 academic year.

Welcoming New Students

At the very beginning, WANG Wei, Director of the International Division, extended a warm welcome to the newcomers from 15 countries and regions, and reminded them to think about what capabilities they should have in today’s world with unprecedented changes in a century. She hoped that students would grow up in thinking and action and suggested that they set up goals from small to big, and from near to distant for them to be better.

Introduction to Teachers

Next, Ms. LAI Yin, Deputy Director of the International Division and Director of Foreign Teachers, introduced about foreign teachers from different countries. Engaged in groups such as literature group, writing group, social science group, science group, and sports and art group, these teachers either have rich teaching experience or give interesting teaching classes. Of course, there are also the vibrant class teachers and the most rigorous teaching and research teams.  They are amiable and they give classes based on materials. They are responsible and caring. In the new academic year, they will continue to escort the campus life of the students of the International Division.

Awards and Commendation

The next was the exciting awards ceremony. Director Wang Wei presented awards to students who won the “Outstanding Student Award” last semester. Mr. Fu Zhenliang, Deputy Director of the International Division, specially commended students who won honors for the International Division during the summer vacation. Some achieved excellent results in English speech, literary creation or biological sciences. Others were enthusiastic about public welfare and made contributions to communities, reflecting a sense of social responsibility.

Message from the Principal

Finally, school Principal Li Zhicong delivered a speech. He welcomed the new students and congratulated the award winners. He also shared several stories of our school alumni. He mentioned in his speech, “I hope that all students of the International Division will keep in mind the school motto – To Be Outstanding and Independent, To Surpass and Transcend, which has a profound significance itself.”  The stories and principles told by the Principal inspired all the students present.

In a warm and inspiring atmosphere, the opening ceremony came to a successful end.

Newcomers’ Testimonials

Against the scorching hot day, the newcomers of grades 6 and 10 finally stepped onto the campus indeed. Cen Yitian from 6A said, “I like the school opening ceremony of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University very much. I feel that it has strict disciplines. I hope that I will learn more and make greater achievements in the new school.” A high school freshman said, “Walking into the new school campus, the first feeling was that No. 2 High School of East China Normal University is big, and I was almost lost. The high school at the International Division has a different education system from those I have encountered in the past. Apart from being nervous, I also expect that the upcoming three years that I will spend here will be as beautiful as a novel.”

September is a harvest season and harvesting always belongs to those who work hard. Embarking on the new journey of the new academic year, every student has walked into the campus with encouragement from parents, and every teacher has walked into the classroom after accumulation of training. The new semester brings new expectations and the school hopes that all students will make academic progress and grow happily!

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