Students from our school achieve good results at 30th CNBO

The 30th China National Biology Olympiad (CNBO) was held at Xiaoshan High School in Zhejiang Province, China from October 1 to 5, 2021 and nearly 400 contestants from all provinces and regions around the country participated in the competition.

The competition had two sessions – Theoretical Examination and Experimental examination, and only the top 240 contestants in the theoretical examination were qualified for the experimental examination. Throughout fierce competitions, Wang Yuchuan, a year-2023 student from our school successfully entered the experimental examination and finally won the silver medal, and Li Yikun, the other year-2023 student from our school won the bronze medal. What’s particularly worth mentioning was that Wang Yuchuan achieved the best result among the Shanghai team, as the only one winning a medal as high as Silver at 11th grade.

▲  Wang Yuchuan and Li Yikun (from the left)

Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to the two students and their coaches and hopes that they will make continuous efforts and strive for better results!

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