Parents and School keep cooperation and work together all the way

——Parents' meeting of the International Division in the autumn semester of 2021

On November 17, 2021, parents’ meeting and parents’ school events of the International Division were carried out as scheduled.

When parents walked into the hall of the International Division building, they first saw the assignments and works of various subjects. From Mathematics tabloids to wall paintings, from drawings of human body structure to Physics and Chemistry experimental works, from calligraphy display to Chinese original poetry, these works fully demonstrated students’ learning achievements of the semester. On the big screen, students’ pictures full of youth and vitality taken in the past half semester were being played, and parents paused to watch with great interest.

The communication goals and contents between parents and the school from grade 6 to grade 12 were different. To make communication between parents and the school more effective, parents’ meeting was divided into four sessions.

Parents’ School – To learn about children’s new life in No.2 High School of East China Normal University

Parents’ school event for parents of 6th graders was hosted by WANG Wei, director of the International Division.  She began with students’ composition My first month in No.2 High School of East China Normal University. She summarized on the basic situations and existing problems of the children since they entered the school and put forward requirements and suggestions to parents. She also introduced about the curriculum and goal planning for the four years of junior high school, which enabled parents to vertically understand the goals that their children could achieve in the four years. In terms of foreign teachers’ courses, teaching materials and teachers, Ms. LAI Lin, director of foreign teachers of the International Division, explained about and replied to what parents cared about. She was looking forward to students’ smooth entry into the curriculum system of blending the western elements into the Chinese.

Explanation of courses in senior high school – How to prepare for entrance into senior high school from junior high school

Entering senior high school is the goal of every student in junior high school. Director WANG Wei introduced the high school curriculum design principles, curriculum, class type, teachers, enrollment list over the years, school resources and enrollment guidance to parents of the 8th and 9th graders. She also offered suggestions to parents, saying that appropriate class type should be selected according to children’s entrance direction, and that parents should help students consult and prepare in advance. Parents of students from Grade 8 and Grade 9 listened carefully to and recorded the contents of the briefing in the concert hall. The serious look on parents’ face reflected their attitude of being responsible for his children. The school expected that parents and children would talk seriously with each other after the meeting, hoping that appropriate choice and adequate preparations would be made for further study.

University propaganda and further education guidance – How to prepare for college entrance

The enrollment information session of Fudan University was conducted in classroom 307, which was fully packed, and it was broadcast live via Tencent conference to overseas parents. The enrollment teachers from Fudan University first played a video, revealing the rich and colorful life in Fudan University from the perspective of foreign students. Next, they talked about the general situation of each department, campus of Fudan University and how to apply for admissions. Fudan University has opened four application channels and more than 60 majors for foreign students to choose from.

In addition to individual guidance on daily appointment, the promotion guidance office of our school specially guided parents and explained about common problems existing in the promotion of going abroad at the parents’ meeting. In classroom 412, to all parents of students in the foreign class of senior high one, Ms. LAI Lin introduced about the basic situation, application process, application methods and experiences over the years and pointed out the direction in the three-year preparatory period of senior high school. The school is sure to provide necessary help at every step in the process of determining directions, planning process, gradual implementation and realizing the dreams of further education.

Class meeting for parents, sitting in their children’s seats

Parents went into their children’s classrooms and listened to the class reports made by the head teachers and the reports of subject teachers on students’ academic situation. Parents learned about their children’s campus life from the head teachers and academic status from subject teachers.  They also observed their children’s styles from the class blackboard newspapers and the works displayed. Students were also excited about their parents entering their classrooms and sitting in their seats. Some left messages for their parents on the blackboard, some made seat cards to guide their parents in finding their own positions and others stayed and communicated with their parents and teachers during the meeting. By sitting in their children’s positions, parents not only got a new experience, but also were stimulated to think in their children’s place.

In terms of overall objectives and directions, the parents’ meeting provided timely answers and guidance for parents in different sections. Through communications with Chinese and foreign teachers in each class, the style of each class was passed on to parents. Although the parents’ meeting is over, the cooperation between parents and the school is going on in daily life. A phone call, an email and a visit are all good forms of communication between parents and the school. Our school hereby would like to extend gratitude to parents for their trust in and support for the school. And it hopes that parents and the school will work together to pay attention to the growth of children!

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