Bursts of Melodious Sounds, Burst Into Cheers

-- 2021 Singing Competition of the International Division Successful

On the afternoon of December 9, 2021, melodious sounds and bursts of cheers kept coming out of the concert hall of the International Division. The melodious song can always slow down the passage of time and find an echo in the hearts of many people.

From the flashing lights to the hosts in full dress, a ceremonial sense of the competition spread naturally to every corner of the hall. With a smile, a round of applause and an expectation, the competition began.

Freshman Giving Opening Show

As it was an opening show, students from 6B couldn’t help but feel nervous, but the sincerity revealed in their song moved everyone deeply. As the lyrics went, “although he has the power of youth dream and love, he hesitates about it from time to time”. The seniors in the audience waved fluorescent sticks, encouraging the brave freshmen to take their first steps toward performing on stage.

Chorus Competition & Friendship

In the competition, 12th graders showed particularly high enthusiasm. The song of two-dimensional style brought by Gaozu Lijia from 12B won high praise from the audience. Chen Xueyin from 12A chose the repertoire adapted from the musical theatre – Les Miserables, with a rich and melodious sound. The song Watching the Stars with You brought by Liang Zhijing, Zhang Yiyuan, Wang Lingyu, Shi Jiayu and Zeng Jiayi from 12B and 12I was full of romance and tenderness in girls. A Kingdom for a Smile performed by Ma Jialu, Li Sinan, Gao Xiangli, Su qiannuo and Yang Yuqi from 12A, which not only showed the palpitations and expectations of the hearts through balloon interaction and performance, but also was full of vitality and positive energy. The design and cooperation of chorus players’ eyes and movements in singing revealed the warmth of friendship.

Showing melodious sounds with solos

There were many excellent solos in the competition, including Love Poem performed by Li Hua from 11B, Most Beautiful Expectation performed by Tan Jiamin from 10A and Quiet performed by Shanyuan Zhenchao from 12B. All performances were natural, graceful and fearless, showing solid singing skills.

Ending up with rap

The competition ended with three raps – The Overnight, Amazing and Time Is Gold. Live performance of rap required high skills, and the three groups of contestants pushed the atmosphere to a new climax with their professional abilities without doubt.

The wonderful performances dazzled the audience. Those on the stage performed brilliantly and those off the stage had audio-visual enjoyment. The singing competition not only provided a display platform for excellent students, but also allowed contestants in each group to improve themselves through mutual competition. Also, the contestants who seemed to have a competitive relationship with each other did not lack a sense of community. Although singing styles were different and performance varied in characteristics, students loved singing together.

The judges of the competition were Wang Wei, director of the International Division, Shen Yuchao, director of the Art Course, and Chen Xiafan, a history teacher skilled in singing and one special prize, two first prizes, five second prizes and seven third prizes were set up. All the 26 groups of performers had their own characteristics, and the competition brought great challenges to singing strength and psychological quality, so there were lots of highlights on success or failure. The competition results would be announced at the Student Meeting this week and awards presented as well, and students could keep guessing who would be the “final winner”. We hope that all contestants will get satisfactory results. Let’s wait and see till the Student Meeting this week!

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