Merry Christmas, Sparkling New Year

-- International Division Christmas Celebration 2021 successfully concluded

With students’ eager anticipation of Christmas, this year’s winter was unusually warm. On December 23, the warm sun sprinkled early on the Golden Key Square of No.2 High School of East China Normal University. The pillars on the square were draped with bright red and bright yellow ribbons in glory, and students could feel the strong Christmas and New Year atmosphere the moment they walked into the school.

As we entered the school, we could hear the laughter from far away in the academic building, and everyone was full of energy, glowing and excited about the holiday. The academic building was also full of surprises, with surprises around every corner – Christmas banners, starry lights, and the realistic Grandpa Claus! Everyone was eager to take pictures with him. And those who would perform at the Christmas party were already dressed up in their unique costumes.

Student-Faculty Celebration

The Christmas bells rang softly and four hosts stood on the stage in full costume, coming from different countries and speaking in four different languages, kicking off the celebration.

What caught our eyes first was the 6th grade Orchestra, conducted by Ms. Shen Yuchao, and they played Christmas carols in a loud and neat way. If the decorations in the academic building were a reminder of the arrival of Christmas, then the music prepared by these students immediately brought everyone into a joyful Christmas celebration.

The following was a group dance presented by the 11th grade. Their powerful movements, carefully choreographed dance moves and the dynamic music pushed the atmosphere to a climax, with cheers and applause from the audience.

The following programs were full of surprises, including the chorus of When Christmas Comes to Town by 6B and 6C, the song and dance series by all the students of 10B, and the witty and humorous original drama Cinderella by 9C, all of which made the whole audience burst into laughter.

The luminous finger dance brought by students from 10A expressed their love for school and class as well as their expectations for Christmas with humor and creativity, which made everyone’s eyes shine.

The piano solo performed by He Taotao from 12A brought the whole auditorium to silence. His self-composed piano piece The Building Will Fall was sometimes quiet and sometimes rousing, which enchanted everyone. The rap WEWE by Lin Ruixun and other students from 12B conveyed the power of music and the need for “love and peace” in the world, which crossed national boundaries and was thought-provoking and moving.

The teachers’ dance team led by Ms. Wang Wei, Director of the International Division, presented On the Field of Hope,which was stunning. The teachers’ beautiful dance moves with the melody that was a household name during China’s reform and opening-up period in the 1980s were beautiful and touching, and won the students’ enthusiastic applause.

With the annual Christmas program – the fun video skit made by the foreign teachers and their candy spreading session, the Christmas celebration came to a successful end, along with the enthusiastic cheers of the students.

Lucky draw

What was the most impressive event of the year for students? Of course it was the lucky draw that ran throughout the celebration. Between every six shows, there was a lucky draw, from third prize to first prize, and even a special prize of the year drawn for us by Principal Li Zhicong. When the selected student came on stage to receive the beautiful gift prepared by the school, Principal Li warmly invited him to take a photo together.

Words behind the scene

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the event was organized by the Student Union of the International Division itself, and it took many rehearsals before the final performances. Let’s see what the Vice President of Art Division, Nemoto Sachie, has to say to you!

“As the organizer of the event, the Arts Division was certainly the first to start preparation. Registrations were collated and reviewed twice to determine the final list of performers. Based on the final list, the PowerPoint that everyone made were strung together as well as the audio. The day before the event, we made sure that all the props were in order and went through all the shows in head. On that day, it was kind of a test of our ability to improvise. We must always keep calm and collected, and do not panic. Of course, there was work afterwards – cleaning up the venue and returning props.  It was with all these steps that the Christmas celebration was successfully presented. The students and teachers who performed on stage were the ones who shone the brightest, but every single staff member behind the scene was also the biggest contributor. I would like to thank everyone again for their understanding and support of the activities made by the Art Division!”

The event not only allowed us to enjoy the wonderful performance, but also made it possible to see the organizing and planning abilities of the students from the International Division, and to feel the vitality and unity of this collective! The arrival of Christmas means the beginning of a new year. In the new year, the school and the students will always be on the same page, and the school will help every student to progress in studies and achieve goals in the new year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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