Simulation of Marketing Warfare, Successfully Listed on Stock Market

--11th grade career practice

Career practice is an important program of the International Division’s social activities, which allows students to experience different careers in advance, to understand the social needs of different careers, to discover their career interests, and to lay the foundation for their college major choices. On the afternoon of December 17, 2021, the 11th graders had a 3-hour career practice in classroom 412. The theme of this career practice was My Journey as an Entrepreneur.

Company Registration

First, students started a company in pairs, with the goal of listing on stock market and survival, and each company could be mutually beneficial or secretly “do something bad”, simulating the real market environment. The students quickly familiarized themselves with the operating rules after the company was established and were eager to get started.

Business Roadshow

Then came the roadshow of each large group, with five companies as a large group taking turns to introduce their own business and entrepreneurial experience. The students racked their brains and spoke colorfully about their company’s concept during the roadshow, both in terms of industry analysis and business positioning, as well as core selling points and specific strategies. Each group was super innovative.

Simulation of Marketing Warfare

After the official start of the marketing warfare, everyone took turns to make their own business strategy – playing the “win-win cooperation card” or “secretly do something bad card”. Some companies quickly earned a lot of money, and some companies lost a point, and the marketing warfare was in full swing. Companies that drew co-branded or alliance cards also aligned themselves with other companies to receive many gold coins at each round of settlement, and other companies used “do something bad card” to stop them from getting listed on stock market just when they were getting close.

Successfully Listing on Stock Market

In less than an hour, the first group of companies listed on stock market was born. The host invited them to the front of the classroom, loudly announced the listing of the company and rang the listing bell.  The crispy bell rang through the entire classroom, and the stage instantly thundered with applause. With the pressure of the first group listed, everyone worked harder next, and soon there were several more groups of companies that successfully went listed on stock market. In the second half of the event, the marketing warfare entered a white-heat stage. With the successive increase of listed companies, those not listed on stock market gradually became anxious and some on the verge of bankruptcy struggled to hold on while listed companies made more and more gold.  The situation on the field was polarized, and even the situation of oligopoly showed up.

Towards the end of the event, most of the companies were successfully listed, although some regrettably went bankrupt. Finally, the teacher invited winning student of each group to share their entrepreneurial experiences and feelings. Each group had unique experiences and successful methods, and everyone gained a lot.

Career practice is intended to guide students to integrate what they learn in classroom with field practice, allowing them to start career planning as soon as possible. In addition to on-campus career practice, the International Division often shares information about after-school social practice programs and community volunteerism, hoping that students will dive into the front lines for a variety of experiences. We students are the future members of society and we will learn and develop in our future careers and endeavors!

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