Students from No. 2 High School of ECNU Achieve Good Results at NOI Winter Camp 2022

Test scores of NOI Winter Camp 2022 were released recently, and students from No. 2 High School of East China Normal University won 2 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 4 bronze medals in total.  Gao Linxiang ranked top five in China, first in Shanghai, and Wang Youjia ranked second in Shanghai.

Gold medal winners – Gao Linxiang and Wang Youjia

Silver medal winners – Ke Yisi, Zheng Jiarui, Ke Yijing, Guan Yanru, Yan Zhihao (from Zizhu Campus) and Xiao Ziyao

Bronze medal winners – Guo Yuchong, Zhen Qiucheng, Lu Siyuan and Zhou Yitong

Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to the winners and their instructors!

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