Our School Wins Awards at GENIUS Olympiad Shanghai Regional

GENIUS Olympiad Shanghai Regional 2022 came to an end on March 13. Co-sponsored by Terra Science and Education Foundation and the Rochester Institute of Technology, it is an international competition for high school students around the world to promote public awareness of environmental issues and global sustainability through designed projects in Science, Robotics, Creative writing, Business, Art, Music and Short film.

The event attracted over 270 students from 28 high schools in total. The expert team conducted multiple rounds of assessment on the works, demonstration videos, presentations and other materials submitted by participants through qualification examinations and online reviews. In the end, 27 science awards, 10 non-science awards, 3 outstanding instructors and 4 outstanding organizations were selected.

Our students Yinuo ZHU and Zhihao YUAN won the Grand Prize and the First Prize in Science respectively, Yizhou XU and Simin ZHUANG the Second Prize and the Third Prize in Science respectively, and Jingyun GU and Yipei LI from the International Division the Grand Prize in Short Film and the Third Prize in Creative Writing respectively. Moreover, our school won the Outstanding Organization Award, and Yao QU, one of our teachers, won the Outstanding Instructor Award.

Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to the winners and their instructors!

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