7 participants from our school selected for NOI 2022 Shanghai Team

The China Computer Federation CCF-NOI website recently published the list of NOI 2022 Shanghai Team members, and according to the CCF NOI2022 Quota Allocation Plan, 8 places were available for the Shanghai Team in category A and B, while Team A consisted of four boys and one girl. Seven participants from our school were selected and took all places in Team A. The name list is as follows:

GUO Yuchong, XIAO Ziyao, KE Yijing, WAN Chengzhang, ZHANG Xun, GAO Linxiang, and GUAN Yanru.

The 39th National Junior Informatics Olympics Finals will be held in Zizhu Campus of our school, No. 2 High School of East China Normal University from July 23 to July 29.  Our school hopes that all competitors will achieve good results in NOI 2022!

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