Long Time No See, Welcome Back to 555 Chenhui Road

——International Division School Opening Ceremony

Students picked up schoolbags, adjusted their mood and returned to the familiar schoolyard after a few months. On Monday, September 5, 2022, the typhoon passed through, and the “Golden Key” stood in the wind and rain to greet every new and old classmate who returned to the schoolyard.

To welcome the arrival of the students, the school staff started preparatory work two weeks ago, sprinkling and sweeping the schoolyard, disinfecting classrooms, debugging facilities, and placing COVID-19 prevention and control signs.  At 8:30 a.m., the chorus of the school song was heard in the concert hall, and the school opening ceremony of the International Division of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University (ECNU) for the first semester of the 2022 school year began!

Welcoming New Students and Sending Words to the New Semester

The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Fu Zhenliang, Deputy Director of the International Division.  Mr. Fu extended warm welcome to the new students from 16 countries and regions first.

Then, Mr. Yuan Jun, Party Secretary & Vice Principal of No. 2 High School of ECNU put forward expectations and requirements of the new semester to the students. He sent words to the students and hoped that everyone would have reverence for life and follow rules, cherish the present and study hard, respect differences and be kind to others. Mr. Yuan’s gentle tone and earnest teachings made the students feel warm.

Teachers showing up – ‘hardcore’ Chinese and foreign teachers and amiable class teachers

In the International Division, there are not only students from all over the world, but also a group of teachers from around the world. Ms. Lai Yin, Deputy Director of the International Division and Director of foreign language teachers made an introduction to the foreign teachers from different countries.  Engaged in different teaching groups such as literature group, writing group, social science group, science group, and sports and art group, these teachers have rich teaching experience and give interesting classes.

Ms. Wang Wei, Director of the International Division introduced about the energetic class teachers and the powerful teaching and research team.  Whenever a teacher familiar to the students is introduced, there is always a burst of applause from the audience.  Teachers graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad, who teach students in accordance with their aptitude. They are amiable, responsible, and caring.  Such a high-quality and stable team of teachers is the guarantee for quality education and teaching provided by the International Division, and they are also life guides for students’ growth.

Good news keep coming, inspiring students to continue forging ahead in the new semester

The new school year and new semester are a significant moment to connect the past and the present and usher in the future. The student who won the highest award – Outstanding Student Award last semester stood on the stage and received the certificate of merit from Mr. Yuan Jun, the school Party Secretary.

In addition, Mr. Fu Zhenliang, Deputy Director of the International Division commended the students who won prizes in various competitions at Shanghai district level and city level, in China and the world during the summer holiday, hoping to inspire all students to keep studying hard in the new semester through sharing of honors.

It feels the autumn-kind-of cool in September, with the summer heat fading away. It is a good time for us students to immerse themselves in divergent thinking. Facing the new school year and new journey, let’s step into the new semester hand in hand and embrace new challenges!

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