Our students shine in EC Final 2022 Asia

From March 24th to 26th, 2023, the 2022 ICPC Asia – East Continent Final Contest, also known as the EC Final Contest, was successfully held at Shanghai University. A total of 280 official teams from domestic universities participated in the Contest, and a small number of outstanding high school student teams, enterprise teams, and university teams were invited to participate as unofficial teams.

Four teams from our school, composed of 12 students including Wan Chengzhang and Wang Youjia from Grade 12, Guo Yuchong, Ke Yisi, Ke Yichong, and Xiao Ziyao from Grade 11, and Zhu Wenxuan, Jin Dian, Wang Zhanqi, Xie Zhongao, Jin Haoxian and Hu Yuheng from Grade 10, participated in the Contest. They had the opportunity to compete with outstanding students from universities across the country and experience the rare and top-notch event of ICPC.

The EC Final Contest started at 10:00 am on March 25th, with a duration of 5 hours and a total of 13 items. In the first four hours, the country’s leading university powerhouses took their turns in the top ten, gradually establishing a leading advantage. Two of our teams entered the top ten multiple times. By 1 pm, the “Baseball Team” composed of Wan Chengzhang, Guo Yuchong and Wang Youjia once surpassed all other university teams and took the first place on the leading board.

The final rankings and awards were announced at the closing ceremony on the following afternoon. The EC Final Contest had three reward levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze, with a total of 28 teams winning Gold, 56 teams Silver, and 84 teams Bronze. In the end, the “Baseball Team” composed of Wan Chengzhang, Wang Youjia and Guo Yuchong ranked fifth. Other teams from our school also achieved excellent results, with one team ranking 15th winning Gold, another team ranking 48th and winning Silver, and another team ranking 140th and winning Bronze. The outstanding performance of our students won unanimous praise from the teachers and students of the universities in the Contest.

▲ The teams with a yellow background are unofficial teams and are not eligible for awards.

In addition to the Final Contest, the Huawei Challenge was held on the morning of March 26th. Zhu Wenxuan and Ke Yisi from our school won the first prize, Ke Yichong the second prize, and Wang Youjia, Jin Haoxian and Guo Yuchong the third prize.


The International Collegiate Programming Contest, also known as ICPC, is one of the largest and most prestigious programming contests for university students worldwide. The Contest is composed of two main stages: the Regional Contests held in various continents, and the World Finals. It lasts for about 9 months each season and attracts nearly 50,000 university students from over 100 countries and regions around the world. After more than 50 years of development, ICPC has become the most influential computer contest for university students globally and is regarded as the “Olympics” in the field of computer software. ICPC advocates innovation and teamwork, encourages students to unleash their creativity in building new software programs, and helps them test their work capabilities under high pressure. It is a stage for computer programmers from all over the world to showcase their skills, and is also the best window for top universities worldwide to showcase their educational achievements. ICPC has been highly valued by renowned universities worldwide, both in the Regional Contests and the World Finals. In recent years, ICPC has thrived in mainland China, with six to seven ICPC Asia Regional Contests and one Asia Regional Final held each year in various parts of the country, selecting teams to participate in the ICPC World Finals. Since 2020, each ICPC Asia Regional Contest has attracted over 2,000 students from nearly 300 universities in China, and the Asia Regional Final Contest has become a stage for top universities in China, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Fudan University, to compete against each other.

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