First Batch Nationwide – No. 2 High School of ECNU Selected as National Experimental School for Science Education in Primary and Secondary Schools

According to the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Recommending the First Batch of National Experimental Zones and Experimental Schools for Science Education in Primary and Secondary Schools (Education Supervision Department Letter [2023] No. 12), on the basis of recommendations from various provincial education administrative departments, the Ministry of Education established an expert group to review the recommended materials and follow relevant procedures so as to determine 124 experimental zones and 994 experimental schools. No. 2 High School of ECNU was successfully selected and became one of the first batch of national experimental schools for science education in primary and secondary schools.

Since its establishment in 1958, No. 2 High School of ECNU has gradually developed a cultural spirit of “pursuing excellence and advocating innovation” and a distinctive educational feature of “excellent education” through continuous exploration. The school has been committed to early cultivation of top-notch innovative talents for a long term. Since 2008, it has fully implemented innovation literacy cultivation projects, leading the exploration of innovation education in Shanghai and nationwide.

▲ Five persons representing the country won awards in the International Science and Engineering Fair and were awarded the asteroid naming qualification by the American Astronomical Society.

▲ 4 persons won the “Chairman’s Award of China Association for Science and Technology”.

▲ The school has held the “Creativity, Innovation, and Creation Competition” for 14 consecutive years.

The school was awarded the first batch of “National Top Ten Innovative Schools in Science and Technology Education” in 2010, the “Shanghai Science and Technology Education Characteristic Demonstration School” in 2017, and and it has been awarded the “Pudong New District Science and Technology Education Characteristic School” for thirteen consecutive years. Over the years, the school has accumulated rich experience in scientific education practice and fruitful educational achievements, forming a unique science and technology education curriculum system and various scientific practice activities. Science education has become an important component of its education model of “N 100%”.

▲ Our students participated in the World’s Top Scientists Forum “Science T Conference”.

▲ Our school principal Zhou Bin and student Jiang Yuchen made an appearance on the red carpet of the 2023 Shanghai Science & Technology Festival.

Standing at a new starting point, our school will continue to adhere to the educational philosophy of “pursuing excellence and cultivating people who create the future”, further deepen the development and construction of science education courses, build an excellent team of science education teachers, carry out outstanding and distinctive science education and teaching, leverage the advantages of national science activity resources, construct diversified science education scenes, and strive to promote the innovative development of science education.  It will also cultivate more scientific talents with innovative spirits and practical abilities, and contribute to the realization of the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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