Debate team from No. 2 High School of ECNU wins championship in international debate competition

On February 4, 2024, Yuhui Debate Society from our school, No. 2 High School of ECNU came out championship of Group A in the Nanhai Cup International High School Chinese Debate Invitational. This is the second time in several years that our school’s debate society has won championship in an international debate competition.

The Nanhai Cup is an authoritative international Chinese debate competition for high schools. It  has attracted teams from around the world to participate in the past three years. It is also the flagship competition of Qiming Debate Series. A total of 29 teams from 23 schools participated in this Nanhai Cup, and they went through over 300 sub level competitions in the name of the Sihai Cup, Xiamang Cup, Kuala Lumpur Invitational and some of the certified regional competitions in the past academic year, and finally they stood out among nearly 100 teams.

In this competition, our school’s debate team was led by Coach YANG Hao, with members ZHANG Jiayi, President of the debate society, SUN Tianchen, FANG Chuyan, and WANG Yan. And FANG Chuyan won the title of Best Debater of the entire tournament.

In the final, the debate question Everything will eventually pass./Nothing will ever pass. brought everyone to contemplate. Over time, the competition itself will eventually pass, but the thoughts and emotions brought to the participating team members throughout the event will never pass. Our school team met with other teams respectively from Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy in the group competition, Beijing 101 Middle School and The International School of Kuala Lumpur in the advancement competition, and Beijing Huiwen Middle School in the final competition, and the exciting collision of ideas with our rivals’ were all witnesses to the sparkles of thoughts and hard work that had been going on all the way long.

A single word or sentence can not replace a brilliant performance, and sincerity is the only way to a forceful and definite expression. The debate society from No. 2 High School of ECNU, also known as Yuhui Debate Society, is a student association with a long history. Here, the Society encourages every member to explore the joy of reflection and debate. It has a scientific training system that allows everyone to view the world from a more diverse and broader perspective through every verbal battle it encounters. With the school members’ firm determination for excellence, independence and self transcendence, as well as their courage of not fearing the dual hardship and challenges of debating words, Yuhui Debate Society will continue to write legends through brilliant ideas and abilities.

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