Dancing in the shining stars for dreams

-- 2022 International Division Dance Competition for the Second Semester

Students from the International Division gathered at the auditorium on April 26th. With the lively music being played again after a two-year hiatus, the annual dance competition returned. On the stage filled with shining stars, four “mosts” were born in this dance competition.

The most diverse

It was the most diverse dancing competition in history in terms of dance style. In addition to the popular Korean dance performances, there were passionate rumbas, graceful Latin dances, and lively Dai ethnic dances, each with its own style. As for the music, the refreshing and elegant sound of Guzheng were heard. Xiao Lin, a student from 7B, wearing a red headpiece and a black veil skirt, danced to the tune of Wudu, a traditional Chinese-style dance, presenting the martial arts atmosphere.

The most distinctive

The lion dance performance by Zhu Tuohai and Lin Zhijie from the 12th grade took everyone on an extraordinary interactive journey. The golden lion not only stood high on the stage with an imposing manner, but also expressed a lively and playful spirit with frequent blinking eyes. Midway through its performance, the lion leaped off the stage and shuttled back and forth in the audience section to show its enthusiasm.

The most magnificent

Eight students from the International Division Junior High School and Class 8C displayed the traditional Japanese culture with their wave dance. They took big horse steps, drew full circles in the air with their arms, and exerted force on one rope and one line to show the fishermen’s perseverance with their neat and uniform movements.

The most stunning

At the end of the competition, all lights went out, and the most stunning glow stick dance was presented – “Blessing” brought by Genbenxingrong from 12A and Zheng Long from 12I. In the darkness, the glow sticks drew circles of light with the rhythm, and the stage instantly burst into a dazzling display of light and shadow, arousing exclamations from the audience.

Korean dance was the most popular in this dance competition. Whether it was a solo performance or a group dance, the students’ outstanding talents were demonstrated on stage, and under the spotlights, they were like the most shining stars. As the old saying goes, “One minute on stage takes ten years of practice off stage.” Through the wonderful performances of the students on stage, we could see the efforts and contributions of the students off stage in their daily training.

Dance embodies youth, and passion helps to achieve dreams. Through dancing, students experience the charm of art and the collision of cultures. It is hoped that the annual dance competition can provide a platform for more students to display themselves and shine on stage.

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