Cross-cultural Festival Showcases Diversity

——The International Division's Halloween Catwalk Show and Random Play Dance

November 1st is the annual Halloween event at the International Division of No. 2 High School of ECNU.

Halloween Fashion Show

Amidst the eager anticipation of the students, the Halloween fashion show started at 12:15 noon at the ground floor of the International Division building. Students dressed in various costumes gathered at the foot of the stairs, with some eagerly ascending the steps and others going backstage to prepare. Everyone hoped that their costumes would bring Halloween surprises. The students’ costumes were quite impressive. When the terrifying clown from the movie named IT was portrayed by a student, the “clown” exuded a sense of vitality.  Students portrayed their favorite characters like Wednesday from The Addams Family, No-Face from Spirited Away, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, and the rich variety of cosplay costumes dazzled the onlookers. Balala the Fairies, Harry Potter, game characters from Genshin Impact, Messi, dolls, and even the Chinese deity Caishen appeared in the real world, walking down the long stairs and blurring the boundaries of dimensions. Excitement and joy overflowed from the faces of the audience and performers, and the students’ laughter echoed through the campus.

Under the photographer’s lens, the brilliant smiles on students’ faces were more striking than the stunning costumes.

Random Play Dance

After the fashion show, everyone gathered in front of the Golden Key Square for the random play dance. Compared to the previously announced first version of the audio, the official audio had several new tracks, enriching the playlist and adding many surprises.

As the countdown began, students listened attentively and waited. They spontaneously lined up to participate in the activity. Throughout the event, almost every song played saw enthusiastic students taking the stage to perform, showcasing a variety of dance moves. Combined with the special Halloween costumes, the performances were even more intriguing. One student dressed in a frog doll costume appeared both goofy and graceful, while another student in a nun outfit displayed elegant yet powerful dance moves, both of which were truly stunning.

The Halloween event showcased the diversity of campus activities at the International Division of No. 2 High School of ECNU, displaying confidence in students and reflecting an active campus culture, and also demonstrating the International Division’s inclusiveness and openness to multiculturalism.

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